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Scotchguard Protection

Give your upholstery that extra touch of freshness with Scotchguard protection from Decent Cleaning Pty Ltd. For maximum protection from dirt and allergens, choose our discount Scotchgard treatment that lasts longer than any other cleaning procedure.

What Scotchgard Protection Offers You:

  1. Protects your upholstery from water based as well as oil based stains
  2. Helps carpet fibers build resistance against soiling
  3. Helps upholstery and carpets build resistance against stains
  4. Keeps your carpets and upholstery cleaner for longer
  5. Creates a barrier between stains and the fabric to avoid frequent staining
  6. Prevents fabric fibers from attracting dirt
  7. Makes self vacuuming easier and more effective

Stains can be removed far more easily when your furniture is Scotchgard protected since this material is known to repel dirt and liquids. Accidental spills, blots and soil marks will vanish in the blink of an eye! Stop worrying about stains and spills forever! Regardless of whether you have pets or children who just love to play on your furniture, cheap Scotchgard protection treatment from Decent Cleaning Pty Ltd guarantees a cleaner and fresher home. The best time to opt for Scotchgard cleaning is NOW and the people who should do it are professional upholstery and carpet cleaning experts from Decent Cleaning Pty Ltd.

Whether it is your home or commercial space such as hotel, office and other public places, Decent Cleaning Pty Ltd offers discount Scotchgard protection and carpet cleaning for areas of all sizes. Spaces where the carpets endure footfalls from hundreds of people, you cannot do without a reliable cleaning service. The same is true for upholstery in a commercial environment.

We, at Decent Cleaning Pty Ltd, offer the highest level of maintenance at the best prices in the industry. Our highly skilled professional cleaners specialize in all types of cleaning and Scotchgard services for homes as well as commercial environments.

Contact us NOW for assistance on every aspect of cleaning your home or commercial space. Our consultants will be more than happy to help you and give you a free quote according to your requirements.