Rug Cleaning Experts Canberra

Rugs of any shape, size or make are cleaned to perfection at Decent Cleaning Pty Ltd. We understand that buying a rug is an expensive investment, which does not deserve anything less than perfect care and maintenance. Whether it is an oriental area rug or a Persian heirloom rug, we specialize in treating all kinds of material. Delicate handmade rugs, silk rugs or even rugs made in China, India, Pakistan or Afghanistan are handled with utmost care. Rug cleaning just got simpler for you, with our discount rug cleaning packages.

We treat your prized possession as a piece of art so that it looks as good as new after our cleaning procedures. Our experienced cleaning professionals follow a multi-step rug cleaning process to ensure that every speck of dirt and each pathogen is washed out of your rug. The Rug Cleaning Process at Decent Cleaning Pty Ltd.
At Decent Cleaning Pty Ltd, we ensure that your rug is spotless and dirt free through the following:
Vacuuming Pre spotting Cleaning Drying
Essential Rug Care Tips

1. Vacuum clean your rug on a regular basis 2. Rotate your area rug periodically to equalize the effects of wear and tear 3. Inspect your rug regularly for any signs of mould formation or breeding of insects 4. Do not put potted plants on the rug surface 5. Get your rug professionally tended to at least once every year 6. Use rug pads to prolong the life of your rug

We know how precious your rug is for you. That is why we always go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the best services that will prolong the life of your rug. Our low cost rug cleaning packages are budget friendly and ensure that your expensive rugs are protected for generations to come with beauty that lasts a lifetime.

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